Unit Media expands to Bulgaria

We made the next step and opened a branch office in the Bulgarian capital Sofia. This  enables us to serve the markets around Bulgaria, Montenegro, Romania, Northern Macedonia, Greece and Turkey.

Unit Media has been successfully serving the markets of the western Balkans for years and has now opened a branch office in Sofia at the end of 2019. With the office in Bulgaria we set ourselves the goal to react to country-specific customer needs and to serve the markets of the eastern Balkans on a larger scale.  

Our managing director Ralf Henninger already saw great potential in the Balkan countries some years ago. The markets will remain the focus of Unit Media in the future. The Balkan scene is represented worldwide and the demand for complex rhythmic sounds is growing. “This should not be underestimated”, said Henninger. 

Taste our balkan sounds 🙂

Read the artikle from the newspaper “MUSIKWOCHE” here: