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Neighbouring Rights

Neighbouring Rights

We will claim, manage and collectyour Neighbouring Rights

Neighbouring Rights

  1. CLAIM

    We register your works at worldwide collecting societies and make a claim for remuneration.


    We make sure that each of international collecting societies receives the necessary information and take over the registration process for you.


    We collect your royalties from collection societies exist across the world and we ensure that you receive them quickly and accurately.


You are an artist, music producer or label? We will collect your Neighboring rights of the use of your recordings on radio and TV or in shops, on web-radio and even call waiting music.

Don´t miss the increasingly significant revenue stream!



  1. Worldwide Neighbouring Rights

  2. Collection

  3. Direct relations with societies

  4. Double claims resolution

  5. Catalouge clean up

  6. Retroactive claims

  7. Fully transparent royalty reports

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