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Music Publishing

Music Publishing Administration

Earn royalties you don't even know about!

How You’re


Worldwide Registrations

Sync. Licensing Opportunities

Keep 100% of Your Copyrights

Register Unlimited Compositions

Wherever your original music is being played,
we collect every stream, cover or concert around the world.

Publishing work

Sync. & Master Licensing

We pitch your original music for placement in movies, television, commercials, video games and many more.

Your music will be actively presented to music managers and industry executives for synchronization. We never miss an opportunity to present songwriter compositions.

Let's Collect All Your Royalties

Unit Media Music Publishing Administration

What we do is to collect the different types of royalties like steaming mechanical, live performance, Sync., YouTube and much more!

  1. Mechanicals

  2. Streaming mechanicals

  3. Live performance (Worldwide)

  4. Music Printing

  5. Ringtones

  6. Synchronization

  7. Master Use Fees (from Synchronization uses)

  8. YouTube


  • One-time Setup Fee

  • 50
  • Submit as many compositions as you like.
  • Commission

  • 40%
  • Keep 60% of the royalties collected.
  • Sync. Commission

  • 20%
  • Keep 80% of the revenue.

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