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Label Work

Use our full-service distribution system
for your label work!



    Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Therefore we are available for our customer's from Monday to Friday. Our goal is to respond within 24 hours.


    A personal Unit Media distribution account enables our client's to manage their content independently 24/7.


    Our team consists of digital media and YouTube expert's. We provide personal counterpart's for each of our client's who will be counseled individually


  • Long-standing experience in the music business and as a Label Group, big network.
  • Unlimited use of our distribution system. Share of the turnover
  • Unlimited client management
  • Bulk import
  • We are a YouTube-certified partner and have special tools with those we can generate other source’s of income to you.
  • One system for audio and video .
    • No more annoying system changes
  • Monthly payout (customizable)

  • Publisher / Neighborhood right’s [GVL, ASCAP, SUISA etc.]
  • Sync. right’s [Selection according to briefing’s by industry]
  • Marketing / Promo [see Services]
  • Personal contact’s with experience’s

Our System Provides You With

  • Chart Monitoring
  • Upcoming and latest release’s at a glance
  • Statistic’s can be displayed in detail: Territory, Artist’s, Label’s, Shop’s, Download’s / Stream’s, etc.]
  • Export sales figures in detail down to the individual artist
  • Trend Figures [daily overview of sales in the largest shops]
  • Client Management (unlimited)
  • Unlimited number of label’s
  • Own user administration

  • Bulk upload for big catalog’s
  • Accounting
  • Independent Contract Management
  • Spotify Marketing
  • Claims and/or problem’s can be viewed down to the individual product
  • No annoying system changes, no multiple login’s
  • And much more…

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Our System

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