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10 ways to monetize on YouTube

Make money on YouTube

As a YouTube-Partner we are always driven to introduce new monetization options for creators. Over the last three years, YouTube has paid more than $30 billion to creators, artists, and media companies. And in Q2 2021 it was more than in any quarter in history. YouTube has become a destination where creators can find new audiences, connect with fans and build growing businesses.

Our shared goal is to help creators build a business on YouTube and bring it to the next level. With the launch of the Shorts Fund, artists and creators now have 10 ways to make money.  

Creators receive the majority of the revenue generated from ads on YouTube. 

YouTube Premium
The revenue of the paid subscription option goes mainly to YouTube partners.

Super Chat
Fans watching livestreams and Premieres can purchase a highlighted message in the chat to get more attention.

Super Stickers
Next to Super Chat followers can purchase a fun sticker that stands out.

Super Thanks
Through Super Thanks viewers can give appreciation on uploaded videos by purchasing a distinct and colorful comment.

Channel Membership
Creators can set prices to exclusive perks and content to viewers who join their channel as a monthly paying member.

The merch shelf allows channels to showcase their official branded merchandise from 30 different retailers globally right on their watch page on YouTube.

Music fans can learn about upcoming concert listings. With just one click, they go directly to the ticketing sites to purchase tickets.

BrandConnect, previously known as FameBit, is an easy way to create branded content. It brings insights, measurement, and industry expertise to the influencer marketing landscape.

Shorts Fund: the YouTube Shorts Fund, a $100M fund distributed over 2021-2022. It’s the first step to build a monetization model for Shorts. For now it’s only available in selected countries but YouTube plans on expanding eligibility to more countries/regions soon. Any creator that meets the eligibility criteria then can participate and earn from $100 to 10,000$ based on viewership and engagement on their shorts.

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