Spotify launched Artist Fundraising Pick


Spotify launched Artist Fundraising Pick

A new feature aimed to support the global music community in times of the COVID-19 pandemic launched on April 22. Hit “Get started” on your Spotify for Artists Account and submit a fundraising link from one of Spotify’s partners in their operating territories:

  • Cash App (avail in US & UK)
  • GoFundMe (avail in these regions)
  • PayPal (avail in these regions)
  • One of Spotify’s charity partners here

Please note:

  • Only Spotify for Artists admins can upload a Fundraising Pick
  • Artists can have an Artist Pick live at the same time as a Fundraising Pick, so music promo efforts aren’t impacted by this feature
  • For now, fundraising links can’t be changed or removed after artists submit them.

Follow these 4 Steps and add your Fundraising Pck to your artist profile

  1. Log in to Spotify for Artists on the web.
  2. Go to Home.
  3. Click Get started in the banner at the top.
  4. Fill in the COVID-19 support form and click SUBMIT.

Enter a fundraising link to raise money for yourself as an artist, for your team, or a COVID-19-related initiative. For more details on Artist Fundraising Pick, please review Spotify’s blog post about best practices.

If an unexpected issue arises, artist teams can contact Spotify for help.

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