Instagram Feature Updates!

we want to share with you some exciting Instagram Feature Updates. Get to know Account Status, Instagram Video, Superbeat & Dynamic 3D Lyrics and IG Live Scheduling and boost your business on Social Media! 

No more confusion when temporary issues happen on Instagram: The new tool „Account Status“ makes it easier for you to know how your content is being distributed and recommended across the app. It’s a single surface where all of your violations and the resulting effect(s) are visible. Besides the status of risk on your Account, Instagram plans to add more information to this tool in the next few months. 

IGTV and Feed videos are combined into one format: Instagram Video. And there are even more updates on video creation and discovery:

  • 60sec Feed Previews (note: if your video is eligible for ads, your preview will be 15 sec.)
  • A new Video tab on Profile
  • Trimming
  • Filters
  • People & location tagging

The content ecosystem shown above got additionally upgraded with a new IG Live Scheduling tool to help you promote, plan, and prepare for upcoming Lives.

  • Schedule your Lives with a feed post up to 90 days in advance
  • Promote your scheduled Live via a new Stories Sticker
  • Followers will have a chance to sign up for reminders to tune in

Express yourself with multi-clip videos up to 30 seconds and get creative with effects like Superbeat. It’s a new music beat effect that applies appealing visual edits to your reel based on the song you choose. Make your reel even more exciting by applying song lyrics. With Dynamic 3D Lyrics there are also two new lyric effects so you can perform to the music and connect with your audience.

How does it work?

  • Open the Reels Camera
  • Open the effect tray / gallery
  • Select Superbeat / Dynamic Lyrics / 3D Lyrics effect (You can always search for these effects and save them for future use)
  • Use the music sticker to select a song
  • Then start recording and see the effect kick in!

We hope this information was helpful!
Stay safe and healthy!
Unit Media Team

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