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Hello YouTube Studio!Goodby Creator Studio Classic 🙁

Say goodby to „Creator Studio Classic“!

The first half of 2020, YouTube switch off Creator Studio Classic. But what happens now?
We will give you a short overview. 

Since November 2019 YouTube switch off step by step the access to „Creator Studio Classic“. 

YouTube will be removed the „Creator Studio Classic“ button ad different times: 

  • November 2019: About 150,000 channels who exclusively use YouTube Studio
  • January 2020: About 1% of channels
  • February 2020: About 10% of channels
  • Spring 2020: All remaining channels

 You’ll have at least 2 weeks notice before you lose access to Creator Studio Classic.

You don´t know how to use YouTube Studio? Watch this video series: Navigation in YouTube Studio 

For more information about transition to YouTube Studio please visit YouTube Help


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