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Massive YouTube channel hack attack!

We have to inform you that hackers are out there and stealing YouTube channels! 
Here is how they do it and how you can protect yourself!

Method 1 (not new):

  • You receive an e-mail with a fake sender that looks like a support e-mail from YouTube itself.
  • Either a claim, an account suspension or other problems with the YouTube account are pointed out there.
  • You will then be asked to contact the support immediately and use the link provided.
  • Then a phishing page opens, which asks you to enter your YouTube account data.
  • Of course YouTube account will be completely rebuilt within a few hours, different password, different branding.

Method 2 (new):

You receive a sponsoring e-mail with an offer that you can get 30second commercial special for 100 $ and this:


This type of social hack / trojan phishing is probably offered with numerous different settings, previously known company names:

  • nexxzy
  • Kryptmix
  • Elegyz
  • gelezy
  • Systemforce
  • Hypercleaner
  • vclickbox
  • Mygalaxypc
  • Trahony
  • Fentor
  • Best Speeder (PC optimization software)
  • IP Floky (VPN service)

Be careful out there when you get emails regarding your channel.
Never click on the links in the mails!

How to fix your hacked YouTube account and secure it:

Follow the instructions from YouTube Support here: 

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