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Coronavirus affects Facebook and YouTube!

News As a result of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), Facebook and YouTube made changes in order to protect their employees worldwide. We will give you a short overview about some of them. For further information use the integrated links. Coronavirus and Facebook Videos which are already submitted for monetization must pass a Brand Safety-Check. Until further notice no monetization for new uploaded non-English language videos. Existing content that is monetized is not affected. Already published videos with In-Stream Ads still earn money. There may be a delay in the review process if you want submit a new page for monetization. Facebook is......

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Attention: Massive YouTube channel hack attack

YouTube NEWS We have to inform you that hackers are out there and stealing YouTube channels!  Here is how they do it and how you can protect yourself! Method 1 (not new): You receive an e-mail with a fake sender that looks like a support e-mail from YouTube itself. Either a claim, an account suspension or other problems with the YouTube account are pointed out there. You will then be asked to contact the support immediately and use the link provided. Then a phishing page opens, which asks you to enter your YouTube account data. Of course YouTube account will be completely......

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