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Spotify launched Artist Fundraising Pick

News Spotify launched Artist Fundraising Pick A new feature aimed to support the global music community in times of the COVID-19 pandemic launched on April 22. Hit “Get started” on your Spotify for Artists Account and submit a fundraising link from one of Spotify’s partners in their operating territories: Cash App (avail in US & UK) GoFundMe (avail in these regions) PayPal (avail in these regions) One of Spotify’s charity partners here Please note: Only Spotify for Artists admins can upload a Fundraising Pick Artists can have an Artist Pick live at the same time as a Fundraising Pick, so......

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News Spotify is working on a tool to support COVID-19 Fundraising for their artists! The Corona Crisis has a deep impact on a lot of artists. Spotify´s team is working on a new feature that enables Spotify for Artists to fundraise directly from fans. With this feature Spotify offers artists to drive listeners to a fundraising destination of their choice: A verified funding page for themselves For another artist in need For a separate initiative of their choice You´re a Spotify for Artists user and interested in this new feature? Sign up here: You don´t have a Spotify for Artists......

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