Unit Media is expanding its digital distribution.

Franziska van Aken

Unit Media expands its product portfolio with eBook and audiobook distribution worldwide. 

The company enters the increasing digital book market. From now on they offer distribution of eBooks and audiobooks worldwide. Now Unit Media serves all entertainment segments digitally and thus belongs to the few providers who can. In addition to music, film and video, are now eBooks and audiobooks offered in more than 300 shops worldwide, including libraries.
“The demand for whether we can also distribute books digitally, increased every year. Due to our long experience in the digital sector, it was time to include this service in our portfolio. As planned, we were able to complete the launch this year,“ says Franziska van Aken, Head of Marketing of Unit Media Group from Hamburg.
Unit Media believes in personal support and multi-stage quality management. They focus on expanding their international sales network to ensure that all digital products and thus the entire portfolio achieve maximum distribution.


Read the artikle from the newspaper “MUSIKWOCHE” here: 

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