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About Us


Unit Media GmbH

  • Unit Media is a digital media distributor [Aggregator] and publisher located in Hamburg (Germany)
  • Respect Music [founded in 2006] was a music label. The company has developed into a label group (25 brands/labels) and finally developed into a customer-oriented distribution and certified YouTube Multi-Channel Network. We know from that experience what Label work means and needs.
  • Be officially certified YouTube partner and Multi-Channel Network in 2016.
  • Representation Germany – Berlin
  • Representation Balkan – Sarajevo
  • Representation Canada – Oakville

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Our Values


We ensure fast, reliable and above all monthly payment.


Our use of modern hardware and software ensures a fast transfer to all shops, including appropriate coding. Our in-house development team reacts directly to new challenges and continuously develops our services for the benefit of our clients.


We take data security seriously. Therefore, our team takes care of extensive quality assurance for all products and channels. We ensure a high degree of confidentiality for our client´s data and save it at several levels using modern technologies including backups of hardware, infrastructure, and applications. According to valid data protection law (EU-DSGVO).


With our worldwide distribution network and direct cooperation with the most important shops such as Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, iTunes, etc. the client can decide for himself where, how and when to publish his music.

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